Instascore is a mobile-based LIVE scoring platform for Amateur Sports Tournaments, currently focussed on Football & Cricket. Our platform enables tournament organisers to broadcast LIVE scores to teams and followers along with tournament and player statistics, fixture schedule & announcements with just few taps.

Instascore replaces manual-paper-based scoring with digital updates- thus making scores transparent and easily accessible while reducing confusion. We use the data collected from the tournament scores to perform analysis and make recommendations to the players.

We have already scored 20+ tournaments across India, Singapore & Europe.



  1. LIVE Scores on mobile
  2. Points Table
  3. Fixture Schedule and results
  4. Individual Player Stats
  5. Tournament Statistics (Max Goals/ Max runs etc.)
  6. Sponsor Highlight
  7. Audience engagement with Push Notification (PRO)
  8. Share scores on Facebook/ Twitter (PRO)
  9. LIVE Streaming in-app (Coming soon for PRO)


Instascore Football Scoring Demo

Instascore Cricket Scoring Demo


We have worked with partners across India, Singapore & Europe. Some of them are: